Codebook Help

Welcome to the Codebook Help page! We've got lots of great articles and user guides below, but if you don't see what you're looking for, please check the FAQ articles on our discussion forum. As always, feel free to reach out to us directly if you have a question.

Different operating systems provide different levels of support for filling out forms and logging in with your passwords.

The Sync feature lets you keep your passwords and other secure data in sync on all of your devices.

  • Data Structure

    Learn where your passwords are stored, arranged, and sorted in Codebook, and about the helpful features of Codebook's data model.

  • Search Explained

    How search works and changing the search scope (where available).

  • Customize Labels

    Create custom labels and edit the default set for your unique needs.

  • Image & PDF Attachments

    Store images and important documents on your entries in Codebook.

  • Import

    Import your data from another password manager via CSV. Direct exports from some applications are also supported, depending on platform.

  • Export

    Codebook provides both CSV and plain text export (macOS and Windows only).

  • Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

    Are you a keyboard commando? Check out all of Codebook's keyboard shortcuts for macOS and Windows.

  • Troubleshooting iOS AutoFill

    Help with Codebook's AutoFill Passwords support for iOS. Learn how Codebook suggests entries for AutoFill and how to adjust the results.

  • Troubleshooting WiFi Sync

    Suggestions for handling problems that can occur using Codebook's Desktop WiFi sync feature.

  • Forgotten Master Password

    Help for users who've forgotten their Master Password and advice on recovering access to their data.

  • Restoring Data From Backup

    Learn to restore your data from backup using your Sync Key.

  • Making A Backup

    Use Codebook's Sync feature to ensure you have a backup of your data.

  • Integrity Check

    Corrects historical problems with data in your Codebook database due to bugs that have been fixed, and recovers any orphaned records.

  • Security Features

    Learn about the security measures Codebook employs to keep your passwords and other sensitive data safe.

  • Resetting Your Master Password

    Instructions for resetting Codebook and starting fresh with a new Master Password.

  • The Sync Key

    The encryption key Codebook uses to encrypt your data for Sync.

  • Word List Encoding

    Information about the Word List encoding that Codebook offers when you backup your Sync Key.

  • Locking Codebook

    Information about Locking Codebook and keeping it Unlocked.

  • Password Review

    Review your passwords for breaches with