Codebook 4 Beta Testing

Codebook 4, the next major revision to our password manager app, contains some significant new improvements:

  1. SQLCipher 4, a big upgrade to the level of encryption Codebook uses
  2. A more efficient, faster, and secure Sync feature with a separate Sync Key
  3. A rescue/recovery feature for backing up the Sync Key

We're looking to assemble a new list of beta testers to help us ensure Codebook 4, these new features, and the crucial upgrade process all function smoothly, without error and confusion. We have a great beta testing group now, to which we already distribute our regular minor and point release updates before release. However, we plan to beta test Codebook 4 separately for a bit, and are looking for testers who want to spend some time trying multiple revisions, critiquing the features and their design, and providing lots of feedback. If that sounds like you, please use the form below to sign up!

Fill out our form to sign up for Codebook 4 beta testing.