• A password manager you can trust
  • Offline by default, Sync via local WiFi or Cloud
  • No subscription required
  • Supports Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows
  • Peer-reviewed encryption with SQLCipher

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The most useful and important app I use

Glenn Grillo

Codebook is the most useful and important app I use. I have it on multiple devices and easily sync them so I never have to worry about losing data. Every time I email them a question, it's always resolved within hours. Awesome app and awesome people to deal with. If I could rate it better than 5 out of 5 I would.

The Team is Reachable

A Google User

I've used Codebook for a number of years, starting back when it was called STRIP. I found them in a web presentation by an independent security researcher comparing several password tools. I use it across iOS, Android and Windows, backing up and syncing via Google Drive (in the past I used Dropbox but switched to GD sone tine ago). I've always find the app stable and useful and I appreciate that the team is reachable via community forums and email for support or more often suggestions on improvements. I think Codebook could use some more notoriety and I GREATLY appreciate the one time purchase versus the subscription model most other apps like this use.

The Best

Deb Lew

I absolutely love this app! This is the best place for securing sensitive material. Thanks!

Money Well Spent

AzueroSunset Panama

Great password manager. They have been around for a long time. Used to be called STRIP. Been using it for years on MacOS, iOS and Android. Easy to sync devices. Strong encryption. Nice UI, great support! Well worth the money.

Peace of Mind

Goboy Good

Been using this since strip and very happy with it. And gives me peace of mind on security. Will it be possible for feature request of saving images taken with the phone camera? It will be very helpful for shots of forms or confidential documents. edit: Upped it to 5 stars for the great news


M Hudson

Used app since STRIP version on PalmPilot , I now have a Mac so sync to Dropbox allows for data on Phone & desktop. I recommend Codebook when asked about a password or secure info app

Ticks All the Boxes

Chris Rees

I have used password managers for years and was happy using Safewallet but it died when the company disappeared. So my requirements were import from Safewallet database (idiosyncratic), multi-platform, user-definable labels, free form input, cloud-based, seamless syncing. Most of the popular products are too rigid. Codebook ticks all the boxes. I run it on Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android. Fingerprint recognition is a real bonus on Android. It just works. Also, when there is a problem, the support is excellent, prompt and helpful. Strongly recommended.

Very Quick Response

A Google user

After a lengthy search for a secure password/data vault, Codebook seemed like the best app. Very happy! Does everything I was looking for. Had a question about syncing and emailed the developer- very quick response that answered my Q. Now I have all my critical data locked up tight. Works great with Google Drive as well. Worth the money to me.


Ramón Apreza Zepeda

Simplemente perfecta. Llevo años con ella en iOS, MacOS y ahora android.

You Did It!

A Google user

YOU DID IT, I CAN SEARCH WITHIN NOTES!!!!!! I downloaded 50, no exageration, 50 note apps, only 3 could search within notes and none had the level of security i needed. Even putting a capable note app in samsungs secure folder didnt work. THANK YOU!


Tom Knight

Had this since it was STRIP and I had an iPhone, over the past 3 or so years this apps has followed me across multiple handsets, from iOS to Android, and it has been bulletproof at every migration. Excellent app.

As Promised

Johannes De Beer

Awesome! Fingerprint unlock added Yeah, as promised 5 stars now that I can unlock using my fingerprint. Damn that makes it so much easier.

The Best Password Manager Evah

LMPogoda - Poland

I really appreciate this app. Moreover, I really appreciate the team working on this app, their professionalism and level of support. This is truly great piece of software really worth every penny you spend on it.

Excellent password manager and support

Estel2357 - United States

I have been using Codebook for a couple of years, after trying several other password managers. I have stuck with Codebook because of it’s excellent security features and flexibility. Recently, I had contacted their support team about a bug I had discovered in an update. Their support was very responsive (like within a half hour of me contacting them!), and very helpful, keeping the service request ticket open until the problem was completely resolved. Awesome app and company! Two big thumbs up!

Great Service!

Sensfan32 - Canada

I’ve used Codebook for awhile & thought it was a great product. However, I had a problem with the latest update to version 3.60. I contacted customer support thinking I’d get a reply in a day or 2, but literally minutes after I sent the email I got a reply back which solved my problem! Great customer service, I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.

Excellent app and fantastic customer support!

reidme314 - United States

I’ve tried many apps over the years that protect your information and Codebook is by far my favorite. It’s as easy to use as a simple notepad, but can also be customized and organized with a variety of record formats if you so desire. It encrypts the data and can work as a stand-alone application, but it also syncs seamlessly across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Android, Dropbox, and Google Drive. The icing on the cake is the excellent support by the developers. They have continually improved it over the years, they listen to their customers, and they always respond quickly and professionally to any issues or suggestions. If you are looking for an app to protect your sensitive information that is easy to get started with and can grow with your needs then look no further.

I love this app. It has worked for me for over 10 years or so.

Streetrider97 - United States

Yes i wouldn’t think of changing my code book. I love it, and would recommand for anyone looking for easy to use package

Long-term user.

Long-term user. - United States

I’ve used this program for nearly 10 years. I value it as indispensable in storing my critical information in multiple locations, safely. Works well and flawlessly. I value the transparent security algorithm, especially in cloud storage.


gewdman - United States

I’ve used this program for nearly 10 years. I value it as indispensable in storing my critical information in multiple locations, safely. Works well and flawlessly. I value the transparent security algorithm, especially in cloud storage.

Best password manager

catsareevil - United States

I have been using Codebook for a few years now and will continue to use it forever as the features and security are top notch. I recently contacted them for an issue and the support team contacted me back quickly. They fixed the issue very fast. If you’re looking for a password manager, this is the app to get.

All good!

whyenteranickname? - Germany

Can’t live without it anymore... Fast and helpful support !

Great app for securely storing passwords

Peter Ki. - Netherlands

This is an excellent app to store passwords and other sensitive information. It also runs on iOS and easily synchronises between iOS and MacOS. Flexible password generator, password strength checker and builtin 2FA code generator. As a bonus, it can optionally cross-check your password with haveibeenpwned. Great support too!

Very Useful App

Bristol638 - United Kingdom

This app was recommended to me about 2 years ago. Since then I’ve purchased and sync’d across all of my devices. It works really well with Dropbox. I’ve only one issue following an update and the support was superb and very quick. A very useful app and one I would thoroughly recommend.

Dependable and easy-to-use

asquideatingdough - United States

I have been using Codebook for several years on three platforms and found it reliable and easy to use. Upgrades occur regularly, and have improved usability and added features over time. I use Dropbox for synchronizing and nearly all the time, It Just Works and I don’t give it a second thought. Its platform independence (Windows/MacOS/IOS) is its most valuable feature for me.

IMO The Only Real Solution

FieldAgent - United Kingdom

After many hours of research into password utilities for both iOS and Mac, I’ve come to the conclusion that most are just passable in terms of data security. Several of the apps available for iOS don’t even encrypt the data on the device, but leave everything in plain text and simply hide it in a system folder. The only app I've found that has a high level of security for both MAC OS and iOS is Codebook. Yes, it’s relatively expensive, but how much is your data worth? I was put off my previous choice because the developers are now forcing users to sync using cloud accounts. While I agree that should be an option, it shouldn’t be the only option, so I was please to see that Codebook allows sync over wifi with my desktop Mac. It took me a little while to get the data from my old password manager imported, but I found that the easiest way to do that was to do an export from Codebook, so that I got a csv file in the correct format, with the fields in the correct order. Then I modified the csv export from my old app so that the column names matched up and bam - everything imported correctly in a few seconds. I love the “Secret Agent” feature that lets me search for a password from a keyboard shortcut and pastes it into the field for me - really nicely done. In summary - you get what you pay for and this is important stuff.

Simple, effective, and great support.

Henry380 - Canada

This is a simple-to-use password manager that syncs easily to my iPhone. It has great reviews for the quality of its security. I have also used their e-mail support a few times and it has been amazing. A very knowledgeable person has answered every email within an hour.

Versatile and easy to use

HiwayBK2 - United States

I’ve been using Codebook since it was STRIP on the PalmOS platform. With customizable fields and the Secret Agent feature, I’m free to pick great random passwords. With the SYnc feature, I always have my passwords on my desktop, my laptop, my phone or my tablet. Highly recommended.


Gazzapower - United Kingdom

Having tried several password management apps, I have come to fully appreciate the thought, work and security that has gone into Codebook, plus the developer is second to none when it comes to being helpful and responsive. The Secret Agent facility provides passwords and logins in an intelligent way that doesn’t involve web browser extensions, but has the same ease of use. It’s easy to use, flexible and provides confidence in the security provided, I would highly recommend it!

No complaints, responsive team

BHMac - United States

I have been using Codebook for over a year now, and keep it synced between my iPhone and MacBook Pro. It is easy to use and allows me to format and organize things the way I like to see them. Their support team is responsive when needed - the two times I had a question, I sent an email and their support team replied within an hour. It is a critical part of my overall security efforts. I also use a VPN service and encrypt my files, but I am not a security expert. Will I ever know if my passwords are 100% safe? No, and I remain nervous about having them all in one place, but I need to trust someone, and Codebook seems trustworthy. I know some of the other password managers have been hacked, but don’t think Codebook has yet. The app seems to be updated quite regularly (every month or two), so I am hoping it is because they are staying on top of the latest security features. I’d give up on “useability" to make sure it is secure, but they seem to strike a nice balance as it is both useable and I believe, very secure.


Berlinbass - Germany

Been using on iOS and Mac for years. All the features and security that I need! Thanks! (BTW there is an iPad version.)

Real Encryption. Real Support.

Regular user 3.14

I use Codebook because it focuses on keeping my passwords protected, but is flexible and straightforward to use. I am writing this review because their customer support is first rate. I had a question late last night about moving my license from an old Windows computer to a new one. Before I got up, the agent had the information. When I had one more question, he replied within minutes with what I wanted, plus my license codes--just to make sure.

Great app and Great Customer service


Ive been using Codebook for a while now, and it’s great to manage passwords. I recently bought a PC and was having trouble syncing my iPhone and Windows device, Codebook has amazing and patient customer service. We quickly worked through the issue and now I’m all set. Love this app! Also the thumbprint to login [on iOS, macOS, and Android] is huge!

IT Dept. Recommended Codebook


The IT department at work recommended Codebook because of the level of security it offers. I ran the free version for a while and decided it was well worth the cost of the full version. I have used it for several years. I recently had a question regarding an issue I was having with syncing and the support team responded very quickly and resolved the issue promptly.

Your passwords, financial details, and other data at the ready without fear of prying eyes, device loss or theft. Codebook has been keeping data secure on mobile devices since 1998.

Secret Agent

Codebook makes accessing your passwords and sensitive data on the desktop easy with Secret Agent. Its global keyboard shortcut makes your passwords available to you from any app. Learn more here.

Native App Design

Codebook runs on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and macOS, keeping your information at your fingertips whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go.

Codebook on multiple platforms
Entry and login view shown in iPhone devices

Complete Data Security

Data entered into Codebook is fully encrypted using the peer-reviewed and open-source encrypted database engine SQLCipher, providing you with advanced protection against brute force and side channel attacks.

The encryption used is AES-256 in CBC mode with HMAC page protection and other countermeasures against tampering. Key derivation is 64,000 rounds of PBKDF2 SHA-1 with a unique random salt. The underlying crypto library used depends on platform: OpenSSL's libcrypto on Android and Windows, Common Crypto on iOS and macOS. Additional details are available.

Flexible Data Model

Organize your information into Categories, Entries, and Fields. Define your own labels and set the data types to control behavior. Need templates? Easy, copy and paste your records as you like.

Categories and entries view on iPad, record view on iPhone
Codebook for iPhone search

Quick and Easy Access

Search-as-you-type to find what you're looking for, across all record names and fields. You can even create your own label to tag related records in different categories for easy lookup, like "medical."

The Recents view shows you that entry or note you just pulled up a minute ago.

Mark entries as Favorites for easy access and to sort them to the top of search results.

Sync & Multi-Device Replication

Synchronize data changes across multiple platforms using Google Drive, Dropbox or WiFi.

Codebook for iPhone with sync in progress
Codebook for Windows with sync in progress

Customize Away

Codebook lets you arrange your data how you want. That flexibility in part comes from our dynamic fields—the labels on each field control how the fields behave when e.g. a Website field allows you to launch a URL in your web browser, a Phone field will dial a number on your device's Phone app. Learn more here.

Codebook for Windows Customize Labels view

Gorgeous Icons

Codebook ships with 200 beautifully designed icons to help easily differentiate your records, recently re-designed and added to by Icon Factory, based on our specifications and customer feedback.

Icon selector shown in iPad Air 2

AutoFill Passwords on iOS

Codebook provides Password AutoFill support on iOS 12, and the Find in Codebook Share Sheet extension for earlier versions of iOS, so you can easily and securely use the passwords stored in Codebook to login to websites without switching apps.

AutoFill Prompt QuickType Suggestions Find in Codebook login AutoFill Matches Filled login form


A quick look at the various features found within the different versions of Codebook.

Feature macOS Windows iOS Android
Custom labels for entries
Synchronize with Dropbox
Synchronize with Google Drive
Synchronize over local WiFi
Fully encrypted database
Full text search of record names and data
Generate 2-step verification codes
Password generator
Personalize categories to match your organizational style
Autolock timer
Touch ID / Face ID / fingerprint login
Find in Codebook Safari App Extension
Secret Agent
Create local backups of data
Export data to CSV

Download Codebook

Codebook is available for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, sold separately. Minimum OS version requirements for Codebook are here.

Android iOS macOS Windows
$9.99 Free to try! ($9.99 to buy) $19.99 $19.99
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Codebook Enterprise Licensing

Codebook Enterprise licensing is available to meet the needs of larger organizations. Enterprise licenses are flexible and tailored to meet requirements.

Please contact us today for further information about enterprise licensing options.