• A password manager you can trust
  • Offline by default, Sync via local WiFi or Cloud
  • No subscription required
  • Supports Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows
  • Peer-reviewed encryption with SQLCipher

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Your passwords, financial details, and other data at the ready without fear of prying eyes, device loss or theft. Codebook has been keeping data secure on mobile devices since 1998.

Secret Agent

Codebook makes accessing your passwords and sensitive data on the desktop easy with Secret Agent. Its global keyboard shortcut makes your passwords available to you from any app. Learn more here.

Native App Design

Codebook runs on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and macOS, keeping your information at your fingertips whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go.

Codebook on multiple platforms
Entry and login view shown in iPhone devices

Complete Data Security

Data entered into Codebook is fully encrypted using the peer-reviewed and open-source encrypted database engine SQLCipher, providing you with advanced protection against brute force and side channel attacks.

The encryption used is AES-256 in CBC mode with HMAC-SHA512 page protection and other countermeasures against tampering. Key derivation is 250,000 rounds of PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512 with a unique random salt. The underlying crypto library used depends on platform: OpenSSL's libcrypto on Android and Windows, Common Crypto on iOS and macOS. Additional details are available.

Flexible Data Model

Organize your information into Categories, Entries, and Fields. Define your own labels and set the data types to control behavior. Need templates? Easy, copy and paste your records as you like.

Categories and entries view on iPad, record view on iPhone
Codebook for iPhone search

Quick and Easy Access

Search-as-you-type to find what you're looking for, across all record names and fields. You can even create your own label to tag related records in different categories for easy lookup, like "medical."

The Recents view shows you that entry or note you just pulled up a minute ago.

Mark entries as Favorites for easy access and to sort them to the top of search results.

Sync & Multi-Device Replication

Synchronize data changes across multiple platforms using Google Drive, Dropbox or WiFi.

Codebook for iPhone with sync in progress
Codebook for Windows with sync in progress

Customize Away

Codebook lets you arrange your data how you want. That flexibility in part comes from our dynamic fields—the labels on each field control how the fields behave when e.g. a Website field allows you to launch a URL in your web browser, a Phone field will dial a number on your device's Phone app. Learn more here.

Codebook for Windows Customize Labels view

Gorgeous Icons

Codebook ships with 200 beautifully designed icons to help easily differentiate your records, recently re-designed and added to by Icon Factory, based on our specifications and customer feedback.

Icon selector shown in iPad Air 2

AutoFill Passwords on iOS

Codebook provides Password AutoFill support on iOS 12, and the Find in Codebook Share Sheet extension for earlier versions of iOS, so you can easily and securely use the passwords stored in Codebook to login to websites without switching apps.

AutoFill Prompt QuickType Suggestions Find in Codebook login AutoFill Matches Filled login form


A quick look at the various features found within the different versions of Codebook.

Feature macOS Windows iOS Android
AutoFill and form-filling support
Custom labels for flexible records
Fully encrypted database with strong, open-source encryption
Touch ID / Face ID / fingerprint login
Dropbox Sync
Google Drive Sync
Desktop WiFi Sync
Local Folder Sync
Full text search of record names and data
Generate 2-step (TOTP) verification codes
Flexible Password Generator
Generate Diceware passwords
Password Weakness Warnings
Password Review with
Personalize categories to match your organizational style
Autolock timer
Import your passwords from CSV and other formats
Export your data

Download Codebook

Codebook is available as a one-time purchase for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, sold separately. Minimum OS version requirements for Codebook are here.

Android iOS macOS Windows
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Codebook Enterprise Licensing

Codebook Enterprise licensing is available to meet the needs of larger organizations. Enterprise licenses are flexible and tailored to meet requirements.

Please contact us today for further information about enterprise licensing options.