🚧 This is beta documentation for Codebook version 4.3.0 for macOS, which has not yet been publicly released.

Password AutoFill for macOS

Codebook's Password AutoFill feature for macOS allows you log into websites (and other macOS apps) securely using the login and password credentials you have stored in Codebook.

Note: This feature is disabled by default. Use System Preferences to enable Codebook AutoFill.


Codebook AutoFill requires macOS 11 Big Sur. For earlier versions of macOS, as well as more advanced form-filling functionality, please see Secret Agent.

Once you've enabled Codebook AutoFill, when you focus on a textfield in a login form on the web or in other properly configured Mac apps, macOS will attempt to suggest an appropriate set of credentials from Codebook for AutoFill:

Suggested Codebook login credentials in Safari

Click on the login you wish to use in the AutoFill menu, and Codebook will ask you to authenticate before retrieving the password and filling it in. As always, Touch ID support is available, making it quite convenient to use:

Codebook AutoFill login, with Touch ID

If there are no suggestions available, or you wish to use different credentials, select "Codebook" from the AutoFill menu and you will have direct access to all your records in the AutoFill interface. Codebook AutoFill displays a list of suggested entries that match the current webpage based on the URL:

Codebook AutoFill displaying matching entries for the current page

If you don't see the entry you wish to use in the matching suggestions, use the Search bar to find exactly what you need:

Codebook AutoFill search

Click on the entry you wish to use for AutoFill login, and click on Choose Entry, and Codebook AutoFill takes care of the rest:

Codebook AutoFill completed

Matching Entries to Websites

Because Codebook tries to match the Entries it presents for AutoFill based on context (e.g. the current URL), adding a Website field to your Entries will help Codebook know to suggest it above the keyboard or in the matched results. However, there are other potential snags that can cause Codebook to have trouble figuring out what Entries to suggest and what fields to use as the username and password credentials. For more information please visit our AutoFill Troubleshooting page.

Codebook AutoFill is an Extension for macOS, and has to be enabled in System Preferences, in the Extensions panel. There you should see Codebook listed under Password AutoFill; toggle the checkbox to turn it on:

Password AutoFill Extensions preferences

To complete the initialization process you must authenticate with Codebook using your Master Password, or Touch ID login if enabled:

Codebook AutoFill configuration login

Click Configure and Codebook will begin managing a listing of your login credentials and associated websites for AutoFill suggestions:

Codebook AutoFill configuration

Codebook AutoFill configuration completed