Codebook Free Trials Replaces Codebook Lite

2018-11-01 08:00:00 -0400

Codebook Lite was originally introduced alongside Codebook to allow users a free option to try Codebook for iOS before they purchased. Now with the release of Codebook 3.6.0 we’ve introduced a 14-Day Free Trial option within Codebook. Because this functionality is now built into Codebook, we’re planning on discontinuing Codebook Lite development, so we can focus all our ongoing efforts on standard Codebook.

Similarly, standard Codebook has been a universal app (which works on both iPhone and iPad) now for a while and we’ve been phasing out Codebook for iPad (Legacy) for about a year, so we’re planning on pulling the plug at the same time as Codebook Lite.

Codebook Lite and Codebook for iPad Legacy will be fully removed from the App Store on January 1st, 2019. Please make sure to migrate your data to Codebook prior to this date or data loss could occur.

Migration Steps

Codebook Lite

Codebook for iPad Legacy

  1. Download the Codebook universal app
  2. Use the Codebook sync feature to sync your data from Codebook for iPad Legacy to a cloud service or a Desktop copy of Codebook.
  3. During the setup process for Codebook, you’ll be given the opportunity to use the sync feature to restore from the service or Desktop you synced with in step 2
  4. Once you’ve verified the data from Codebook for iPad legacy synced over to the new Codebook for iOS installation, feel free to delete the Codebook for iPad Legacy app