Earning Trust

Zetetic provides solutions to some of the world's premier organizations.

We are a small company with a wealth of practical experience in applied security. We are the primary developers behind the SQLCipher encrypted database library and Codebook Password Manager. We maintain a deep focus on Data Security, Identity Management, and Access Management solutions. Our customers range from small organizations to the Fortune 500 and we maintain partnerships with leading technology companies. Hundreds of organizations and millions of users trust Zetetic’s software and frameworks every day.

Meet The Team

Stephen Lombardo

Stephen Lombardo - Founder & Senior Developer

Stephen founded Zetetic in July, 2005 as a software development consultancy. Stephen can usually be found interfacing with customers and guiding the technical direction of our projects.

Billy Gray

William Gray - Senior Developer

Billy joined the team in December of 2006 as an all-purpose coder and brainstormer, leading our development on the iOS, RubyOnRails, and Oracle platforms and working closely with our clients.

Don Quander

Don Quander - Support Specialist

Don leads our support efforts. He has intimate familiarity with our clients, their environments, and workflows, providing a critical bridge of communication between users and developers.

Nick Parker

Nick Parker - Senior Developer

Nick leads Zetetic's Android efforts, building SQLCipher and Codebook, but also uses his .NET experience developing web applications for clients and internal projects.

Steve Kradel

Steve Kradel - Consultant

Steve takes a technical consultation and advisory role on Identity Management projects using technologies like LDAP, MIIS / ILM, .NET, and Java.

Helene Guido-Ronda

Helene Guido-Ronda - Office Administration

Helene provides business and office administration support for Zetetic's ongoing operations.

Micah Moore

Micah Moore - Software Developer

Micah joined us in June 2015, working on iOS and macOS development as well as building .NET web applications for internal and client projects while contributing to our software Q&A processes and customer support.