Codebook Google Drive Permission Change

2024-03-04 01:00:00 -0500

Codebook adopted early support for Google Drive as a third-party synchronization service in 2013. To minimize the level of access Codebook has to a user’s Google Drive account, we have introduced a change with our latest release which limits Codebook’s permission to access only the data files we create and upload to Google Drive.

This change will require all users who sync Codebook with Google Drive to authenticate Codebook with Google again. Codebook will remove the previous Google Drive authorization token and upon initiating a sync with Google Drive will request authorization for a more limited access scope where the files Codebook stores are located within an area called user AppData. Codebook will no longer have access to a user’s full Google Drive folder share going forward.

Previous Codebook clients utilize an API key with Google Drive scheduled to retire in 30 days, this will prevent older clients from syncing with Google Drive without an update. We recommend all users update Codebook on every platform at their earliest convenience to have access to this improved security position.