Codebook Password AutoFill and Free Trials on iOS

2018-09-18 20:00:00 -0400

Big news, folks! Codebook for iOS version 3.6.0 is available now in the App Store with support for the AutoFill Passwords feature in iOS 12. Here’s a quick demo video we made to show you how it works.

This feature requires iOS 12; if you can’t upgrade your version of iOS just yet check out Find in Codebook, which is quite similar if not as convenient.

Another big change in this version is that we are making Codebook free to download. Don’t freak out, we are not switching to a “freemium” model! Instead, Codebook will be free to try before you buy, and everyone who’s already bought the app is grandfathered in.

Until now Codebook for iOS has been available for an up-front, one time purchase of $9.99. Starting with the version 3.6.0, we’ll be making the app free to download, and free to use for two weeks, after which an In-App Purchase of Codebook Pro is required to unlock the editing and sync capabilities. Codebook Pro is a one-time purchase of $9.99, additional purchases are not required to use it with more than one device as long as you are using the same Apple ID in the App Store.

If you purchased Codebook for iOS before version 3.6.0, you are exempt from our use of In-App Purchases, because you paid up-front for the app, sight unseen, cash on the barrel, without even being able to try it first! We remain deeply grateful for your support. You will not be prompted to make an In-App Purchase, but you can see your grandfathered license status on the Settings view.

There are a few other minor changes to round out this release posted over on our discussion forum. Drop on by and let us know what you think!