Codebook for iOS Free Trial and Codebook Pro In-App Purchases

Codebook for iOS is free to download so new customers can try it before they buy it, fully unlocked. It does this by providing two In-App Purchases: a 14-Day Free Trial, and Codebook Pro.

After choosing the 14-Day Free Trial all features of the application are unlocked for the trial period. Once the trial period expires two features that are restricted to Codebook Pro become unavailable: editing data, and sync. All other features, including Password AutoFill in iOS 12, Find in Codebook, Face ID and Touch ID login, etc remain available so you can continue to access your passwords and log into websites securely using Codebook. Choosing to start the Free Trial does not commit you to any automatic charge or subscription at the end of the trial.

Purchasing Codebook Pro unlocks all editing and sync features in Codebook for iOS, allowing you to resume generating strong random passwords and to keep them up-to-date across all your devices, via Desktop WiFi, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Codebook Pro for iOS is a one-time purchase with your Apple ID. Once you have purchased Codebook Pro on one iOS device, you do not need to purchase it again on your other iOS devices (as long as you are using the same Apple ID to make purchases from the App Store). Instead, when Codebook prompts you to choose an In-App Purchase on your other devices during setup, tap on the Restore Purchases button. This will install the needed receipt data from the App Store and provide the Codebook Pro purchase, unlocking the editing and sync features.

Codebook Pro for iOS does not apply to Codebook for macOS, which remains a separate purchase (unfortunately we can't bundle them), either directly from Zetetic or in the Mac App Store.

The Codebook Pro In-App Purchase supports Family Sharing. This was not originally available, and so purchases made prior to this capability being added may not be accessible on the devices of members of your Family Sharing plan.

While we are able to consult the App Store receipt for the original purchase version to grandfather users who paid up-front prior to version 3.6.0, customers who had access via Family Sharing (and were not themselves the original buyer) prior to our switch to In-App Purchases do not have this information in the App Store receipt from Apple, giving us no way to identify them for an exemption. Thus, such customers will be prompted by the new free trial mode. Sorry about that. Family Sharing isn't something we originally had any control over, and it was not our aim to take that discount away.

If you purchased Codebook for iOS prior to version 3.6.0, before you could even try it, we really appreciate it! You are exempt from our use of In-App Purchases to unlock all of Codebook's editing and sync features. We do this by checking the App Store receipt on your device for the original purchase version. If you think you are being incorrectly asked to pay for Codebook for iOS twice, please get in touch with us.