Import your Password Boss data into Codebook

You can import your passwords and other data from Password Boss into Codebook for macOS.

This feature is only supported on macOS. Use the Sync feature to access your imported data on Android, iOS, and Windows.

How it works:

  • Each Folder within Password Boss will be imported as a Category in Codebook. Nested Categories will be displayed with `/` in between. If for example, you have a Folder named Work and a nested Folder named Client A, there will be two categories created within Codebook: `Work` and `Work/Client A`. If an item isn't in a folder within Password Boss, Codebook will create a folder based on the item type for it.
  • Codebook will create a new Entry for each item and place it in the correct associated Category.
  • A Field will be created and associated with the imported Entry for each url and field from Password Boss. These fields will attempt to be associated with the default labels in Codebook (if available) or new labels will be created for them.
  • Fields are imported alphabetically per Entry (based on label)
  • The subtitle from Password Boss isn't imported into Codebook.

Before You Begin

Caution: You are about to export your passwords into an unencrypted file! We recommend you temporarily disable any backup software you use to avoid creating a backup of the unencrypted file. Anybody with access to this file will be able to see your passwords and other secrets.

Step 1: Export your data from Password Boss

  1. Launch Password Boss on your Mac or Windows computer and log in
  2. Click on File > Export data > Password Boss JSON - not encrypted
  3. Save the JSON file to your computer

This process requires a JSON-formatted export from Passord Boss. If this is option no longer available to you, we also have instructions for importing data from a CSV file.

Step 2: Import your data into Codebook

  1. Launch Codebook on your Mac and log in
  2. Click on File > Import > Import Password Boss JSON...
  3. In the file chooser that appears, select the JSON file you exported from Password Boss
  4. After the import process completes, verify that the passwords you imported are present in the Codebook interface

Step 3: Clean Up

  1. Delete the unencrypted JSON export file from Password Boss
  2. If you had disabled your backup software, resume it now

Next Steps

Now you're ready to get started using Codebook!

Need Help?

If you are having trouble importing your data or have other questions, please contact Codebook Support.