Tempo Updates: Tagging, Status, UI tweaks

2010-03-23 20:00:00 -0400

Last night I pushed a couple of updates out to our Tempo time tracking service that were a touch over-due:

  • Tweaked date field on time entry to fix text-obscuring problem
  • Tweaked order receipt for providing copies of past invoices
  • Improved navigation and visibility for Team → Status
  • Fixed display margins in module boxes site-wide
  • Adds a “add new user” link in project team settings for convenience
  • Allows meta-characters in tags, no longer restricted to [A-z0-9-_]

The tags thing was getting annoying, I will admit. It’s pretty useful to be able to, for instance, begin certain tags with a * character to mark them as project defaults.

The Team Status thing was a visibility issue. I think most administrators and managers of Tempo accounts were unaware that in addition to the basic Team view (a simple list of your users), there’s a Status view indicating who is working on what:

Tempo Status

Aaaaand it even has a handy mobile view that you could bookmark:

Tempo Status Mobile

If you notice any bugs, or there’s anything bothering you about the system, please get in touch.

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