New User Interface Changes for Tempo

2008-04-24 20:00:00 -0400

We’ve been hard at work improving the user interface in Tempo. Some of these changes came out of fielding questions from our users, some came out of feature requests, and some are born out of how we use Tempo, and our desire to get more out of the app for our own business purposes. In particular we’ve noticed that the charting capabilities didn’t seem as evident as we’d like them to be, and we were beginning to feel that the heads-up-display (we call it the HUD) could be made far more useful at a glance if we tweaked some of the stats available.

First things first, we got rid of the jelly beans, and changed the stats boxes to provide the hours, people, projects and percentage utilization for the current report, along with a spark line graph showing the hours over the given time period:

New hud
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Looks like I just got back from a vacation and peaked around Wednesday! If you click the Hours field, you’ll be presented with the Hours Over Time graph, if you click the People field, you’ll get the pie chart break down of People by Hours, clicking Utilization presents you with our newest graph (I’ll get to that in a second), and clicking the sparkline of hours over time will cause the new Charts display to wipe down from the top menu.

And yup, if you’re looking closely, the top menu did change. Each header wipes down an icon-based menu with your charts, exports and saved reports. Here’s what the Charts display looks like:

Ui Chart

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So we should probably talk about the Utilization chart and what that percentage statistic means in the HUD. Showing you the chart first will make explaining it a bit easier:

Ui utilization chart

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The Utilization chart is really handy because it shows me very quickly what my time looks like broken down by date, and I can easily spot gaps in my billing (like Monday when I was still on vacation!). The light blue bar across the top between seven and nine hours denotes what you might consider a full work day so you can compare that against your recorded time. The Utilization percentage in the new HUD simply denotes the percentage of time you’ve recorded against the full work day.

As you can see the charts also now have a link in each to our Help section where you can get more information about the chart if you find yourself scratching your head.

Just like Add Entry and Charts wipe down above the HUD, so do Exports and Saved Reports:

Ui exports

Saved Reports

We’ve got some other big changes coming within the next few weeks, including some new integrations with other services that some folks have been asking for, so stay tuned!

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