PingMe - New Support for Pester-Repeat Pings

2008-02-21 19:00:00 -0500

Pester Repeat

Suppose you have something really important to do every week, like checking that your car is still legal for street cleaning (raise your hand if you’ve been towed). You’d probably be tempted to set up a ping that both repeats and pesters. This way you’d get pestered about it each day to make sure that you don’t forget, and PingMe would reschedule it for next week once you completed the task.

In the past, this feature has been missing from PingMe. When you received a pestering ping that also has a repeat schedule, and you replied with ‘off’ or ‘done’ or ‘stop’ (or ‘ok’ or ‘okay’) to stop the pester, say from your phone, the ping would be marked as done, and it would turn off. For good. But most people really set pester & repeat pings up so that after they turn off the pester for today, they’ll still get the ping tomorrow (or whenever the next scheduled repeat is, if you follow me).

Well now you have options! We’ve changed the behavior of two of the stop words so that they only stop the pester of a ping and not the repeat. As of this morning, replying to a ping with ‘ok’, ‘okay’ or ‘done’ will stop only the pester of a pestering & repeating ping. Replying with ‘stop’ or ‘off’ will turn the ping off as before.

To sum it up, once you go and move your car to the other side of the street, you can reply to the ping ‘ok’ and it will stop bothering you until tomorrow, when it’s time to move your car again.

==> /var/log/pingme/PingMeReceiver.log <==
[INFO] change: 17827, Preparing
[INFO] change: 17827, stripping message part 0...
[INFO] change: 17827, Processing.
[INFO] change: 17827, found a stop message on this line: Ok
[INFO] change: 17827, this is a stop message for ping 16427,
[INFO] change: 17827, user requests to stop pester
[INFO] change: 17827, nagging and recurring ping, clearing events for reschedule

It’s alive!

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