• Open-source extension to SQLite
  • Transparent, 256-bit AES encryption
  • Tamper-resistant design
  • Cross-platform and zero configuration

SQLCipher is widely used, protecting data for thousands of apps on hundreds of millions of devices, including our password manager Codebook.

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All Community Edition features plus:


Commercial Edition features plus these optional features:

  • Specialty packages for Cordova & JDBC
  • Embedded FIPS 140-2 validated Cryptographic module
  • Customized builds
  • Flexible license grants (e.g. site, teams, suite, SDK/redistribution, transfers)
  • Guaranteed priority support SLA
  • Additional procurement and payment options


  • About – A high level introduction to SQLCipher's use and history
  • Design – Design philosophy and security features
  • API – Security-specific extensions in the form of PRAGMAs, SQL Functions, and C Functions
  • Documentation – How to integrate SQLCipher into your projects and products
  • Open Source – Download SQLCipher Community Edition code
  • Commerical Edition – Purchase official SQLCipher Packages
  • License – Information regarding the licensing of SQLCipher


SQLCipher has a small footprint and great performance so it’s ideal for protecting embedded application databases and is well suited for mobile development.

  • Blazing fast performance with as little as 5-15% overhead for encryption
  • 100% of data in the database file is encrypted
  • Uses good security practices (CBC mode, key derivation)
  • Zero-configuration and application level cryptography
  • Algorithms provided by the peer reviewed OpenSSL crypto library

SQLCipher has broad platform support for with C/C++, Obj-C, QT, Win32/.NET, Java, Python, Ruby, Linux, macOSiOS & Mac CatalystAndroid, iOS .NET and Android .NET