SQLCipher Commercial Edition

SQLCipher Commercial Edition provides quick, easy, and officially supported packages for integrating SQLCipher with applications, featuring:

Commercial Edition packages are delivered immediately from the Zetetic Store. Trial versions of SQLCipher Commercial Edition packages are also made available upon request. Verify the integrity of the package you download with their corresponding digital signatures here.

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Commercial Edition Platforms

SQLCipher Commercial Edition libraries are available for several popular platforms, licensed on a per developer and per platform.

SQLCipher Package Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows Store Windows 10 Mobile
SQLCipher Windows .NET
SQLCipher for Windows C/C++
SQLCipher for ADO.NET (.NET/C#)
SQLCipher for Windows Universal Application Platform (.NET/C#)      
SQLCipher Package macOS (Objective‑C & Swift) macOS (.NET) iOS (Objective‑C & Swift) Xamarin iOS(.NET/C#)
SQLCipher for macOS
SQLCipher for macOS .NET  
SQLCipher for iOS    
SQLCipher for Xamarin iOS      
SQLCipher Package Java Xamarin (.NET/C#)
SQLCipher for Android
SQLCipher for Xamarin Android  

SQLCipher Enterprise Program

The SQLCipher Enterprise Program provides additional flexibility for organizations with special requirements through a customizable annual subscription licensing and support bundle. Each SQLCipher Enterprise solution is tailored to customer-specific needs, and may optionally include:

  • Additional enterprise-only features, e.g. FIPS 140-2 support
  • Suite licensing (i.e., all mobile, all desktop platforms)
  • Guaranteed support SLA and extended priority support options
  • Redistribution licensing including SDK distributions
  • Transferable licensing
  • Standard SQLCipher platform packages
  • Specialty platforms like SQLCipher for Cordova, SQLCipher for JDBC, and Apple WatchKit
  • Customized builds and enhancements
  • Flexible license terms
  • Additional procurement and payment options (e.g. PO, Wire Transfer, etc.)

Please contact us for further information and to schedule a consultation.