SQLCipher Commercial Edition

SQLCipher Commercial Edition provides quick, easy, and officially supported packages for integrating SQLCipher with applications, featuring:

Commercial Edition packages are delivered immediately from the Zetetic Store. Trial versions of SQLCipher Commercial Edition packages are also made available upon request. Verify the integrity of the package you download with their corresponding digital signatures here.

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SQLCipher Commercial Edition libraries are available for several popular platforms, licensed on a per developer and per platform basis.

SQLCipher Package Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows Store
SQLCipher Windows .NET
SQLCipher for Windows C/C++
SQLCipher for Windows System.Data.SQLite (.NET/C#)
SQLCipher for Windows Universal Application Platform (.NET/C#)    
SQLCipher for JDBC *
SQLCipher for Cordova *
SQLCipher Package Objective‑C & Swift .NET Java HTML/JavaScript
SQLCipher for macOS
SQLCipher for macOS .NET  
SQLCipher for iOS
SQLCipher for iOS .NET  
SQLCipher for JDBC *
SQLCipher for Cordova *
SQLCipher Package Java .NET HTML/JavaScript
SQLCipher for Android
SQLCipher for Android .NET  
SQLCipher for Cordova *
SQLCipher Package Native C/C++ .NET Java
SQLCipher for Linux
SQLCipher for Linux .NET  
SQLCipher for JDBC *    
* Denotes a product available through Enterprise licensing.

SQLCipher is typically used as a critical security component. As a result, the potential for a dependency on an outdated library without an official support channel or software updates is usually considered an unacceptable risk for security conscious customers. Zetetic offers several support options for SQLCipher, the details of which are described here.

CipherCare is Zetetic's support and maintenance subscription program for SQLCipher Commercial Edition. It addresses these concerns by providing customers with:

  • On-demand access to the most current licensed SQLCipher packages
  • Direct email notification of available updates
  • Private priority email support directly from Zetetic, the developers of SQLCipher

In addition to staying up-to-date, active CipherCare subscribers are free to contact us at any time about SQLCipher, for example, to ask questions about:

  • Optimizing performance of SQLCipher-based applications
  • Configurable settings for specific security requirements
  • General, high-level implementation guidance for incorporating SQLCipher into an application
  • Migration of existing databases to use SQLCipher encryption
  • Packaging and deployment
  • Technical design of SQLCipher (i.e. how it works)
  • Build / integration issues
  • Requested feature enhancements
  • Any other technical inquiries about SQLCipher operations

While there is no guaranteed response time SLA for CipherCare, we strive to respond quickly to priority requests, usually within one business day.

Zetetic offers one free year of CipherCare support to any Commercial Edition edition licensees, so customers are encouraged to enroll in CipherCare at the time of purchase. CipherCare renews annually for each licensed SQLCipher library, but the subscription can be cancelled at any time.