Import your KeePass data into Codebook

You can import your passwords and other data from KeePass into Codebook.

This feature is only supported on macOS and Windows, but you can the sync your data over to Codebook on Android and iOS after completing the import process.

How it works:

  • Your KeePass logins and passwords will be imported as Entry records in Codebook
  • Codebook will create a Category named KeePass to hold these Entry records

Before You Begin

Caution: You are about to export your passwords into an unencrypted file! We recommend you temporarily disable any backup software you use to avoid creating a backup of the unencrypted file. Anybody with access to this file will be able to see your passwords and other secrets.

Step 1: Export your data from KeePass

  1. Launch KeePass and sign in
  2. Select File menu > Export > CSV File
  3. Save the file to your computer

Step 2: Import your data into Codebook

Instructions for macOS:

  1. Launch Codebook and sign in
  2. Select File menu > Import > Import KeePass CSV...
  3. In the Open dialog, select the file you generated using KeePass's Export feature

Instructions for Windows:

  1. Open the file you exported from KeePass in a spreadsheet editor
  2. Edit the Account column and rename it to Entry
  3. Insert a new column named Category and set the value for each row to KeePass (or whatever category name you prefer for each password record)
  4. Do a Search for any pipe | characters in your passwords, and insert a backslash \ in front of them
  5. Save your changes and ensure you save or export to a CSV file (not xls)
  6. Launch Codebook on your PC and sign in
  7. Select File menu > Import CSV
  8. In the Open dialog, select the file you just edited

Step 3: Clean Up

  1. Delete the unencrypted CSV export file from KeePass on your computer
  2. If you had disabled your backup software, resume it now

Next Steps

Now you're ready to get started using Codebook!

Need Help?

If you are having trouble importing your data or have other questions, please contact Codebook Support.