Codebook Help

🚧 This is new documentation for Codebook 4, it is still under development.

Setup Your Sync Key

In order to use Codebook's Sync feature, you will need a Sync Key. This is a random key generated separately from your Master Password, used to encrypt all of your data when syncing with cloud services or over WiFi. You only need one Sync Key, which you then add to other copies of Codebook.

When no Sync Key is present, Codebook will prompt you to Setup Your Sync Key. Specifically, it asks, "Have you already created your Sync Key in another copy of Codebook?" If you have not, select No, and Codebook will create a one and store it in your encrypted database. You're all set!*

If you have already created a Sync Key in another copy of Codebook, select Yes. Codebook will prompt you for access to your computer's camera, and ask you to display the Sync Key on your other device:

  1. On your device with the Sync Key, launch Codebook and sign in
  2. Click (or tap) on Sync > Add a New Device
  3. The Sync Key will be displayed as an encrypted QR code for scanning
  4. In your new copy of Codebook, tap on Scan Sync Key and point the camera at your other device's QR code

Add demonstration videos for mobile and desktop...

* Be sure to Backup Your Sync Key!