Codebook Help

🚧 This is new documentation for Codebook 4, it is still under development.

Syncing with a New Device

Once you've started using Codebook's Sync feature, you'll eventually want to add a new computer or other mobile device to the family of devices you are syncing. This requires installing Codebook on that device, and adding your Sync Key to Codebook on the device. You can accomplish this with the Add a New Device feature.

On macOS and Windows:

  1. Install Codebook on your new device
  2. Create a Master Password, reenter to confirm
  3. Click on Set Password
  4. You will be prompted to Enable Touch ID Login, if this feature is available on your device
  5. You will be asked if you would like to Enable Statistics
  6. You will be asked if you would like to Enable Password Review
  7. You will be asked - Do you already use Codebook? Select button Yes, I want to restore my data
  8. You can sync your data using via Desktop WiFi, Dropbox or Google Drive. Choose Sync Service from the drop down list.
  9. Click on Continue
  10. The Setup Your Sync Key menu will be displayed. You will be asked - Have you already created your Sync Key in another copy of Codebook? Click on Yes
  11. The Import Sync Key screen will be displayed. Click on Scan Sync Key
  12. You may be prompted to allow codebook to have access to your new device's camera. Click on Yes
  13. Point the camera at your Sync Key QR code and it will capture the code. You can scan a printed backup of the QR code or display it on another device.
  14. The Decrypt Sync Key menu will be displayed. Enter the Master Password of the device you're scanning the QR code from to decrypt the scanned Sync Key.
  15. Click on Submit
  16. A message decrypting sync key will be displayed, followed by Sync Key Captured screen. Click on Next
  17. The Update Cloud Sync Service screen will be displayed. Click on Update Cloud Services to update your remote device(s)
  18. Click on Done

On iOS and Android:

More to come...