Codebook Help

🚧 This is new documentation for Codebook 4, it is still under development.

Codebook Sync Key

Codebook uses a secure, random Sync Key for encrypting all of your data during sync. This 32-byte key is completely separate from your Codebook Master Password.

There Is Only One

You will only have one (1) Sync Key for Codebook. Codebook creates it for you, and provides features for copying it to other copies of Codebook directly, in-person, as well as backing it up. Each copy of Codebook stores the Sync Key locally in your encrypted SQLCipher database with the rest of your secure data. The Sync Key is never stored on our servers or any online services.

Creating Your Sync Key

When you first set up Codebook (or, the first time you login after upgrading to Codebook 4), you will be asked if you have created your Sync Key already. If you have not, Codebook will create one for you. If you have already created your Sync Key in another copy of Codebook, you can display it as a QR code for scanning in the new copy.

Scanning Your Sync Key

To scan your existing Sync Key from another copy of Codebook, you'll need to display it first.

On macOS and Windows

  1. Click on the Sync menu > Add a New Device
  2. Aim the new device's camera at the QR code that is displayed

On iOS and Android

  1. Tap on Sync > Add a New Device
  2. Point the QR code that is displayed at the new device's camera

More to come...