Tempo Time Tracking is Closing

2015-05-11 08:00:00 -0400

Update, July 9th: We will be shutting down Tempo permanently on Monday, July 13th, to give our customers a couple more days for the transition.

After many happy years we have made the difficult decision to stop operation of the Tempo time tracking system in the near future.

When we started Tempo in 2007, the marketplace for online time tracking systems was limited. Existing systems were rigid and inflexible, often using antiquated desktop interfaces without mobile support. Tempo’s core ideas like flexible tagging, time entry via email / SMS / Twitter, and detailed trend reports, were fresh.

Since then, however, the number of cloud-based time trackers and mobile apps has grown substantially, and an increasing number of people have moved to consolidated project and billing platforms, or implemented their own time tracking solutions using simple and free cloud services. We believe strongly in working on projects that are sustainable and, unfortunately, Tempo is no longer sustainable in the long term.

Starting today we will be blocking new account registrations on Tempo. The system will be turned off permanently on July 10th, 2015. We will not be billing accounts during the transition period, so if you are a paying customer on a premium plan you will not be charged again for Tempo service.

In order to help you get data out of Tempo, you can use a new full account export feature to download a single compressed file containing the exports of your account’s time entries. The included CSV file can be easily opened by a spreadsheet program for manipulation, long-term historical archiving, or to provide a base data set to migrate to another system. The export function is now available to account owners and managers on the Accounts tab in Tempo.

Screenshot of Export data

All exports are refreshed daily and contain all of the information from the start of your account to the previous day. Please be sure to make a copy of your critical data before the system is shut off.

There are several other excellent project and time tracking systems that you might consider switching to. While we can’t recommend any particular system, we encourage you to try out a few over the coming weeks to see what you like. Some systems that we have seen recommended in the past include Harvest and Freckle, especially for advanced users.

Tempo is the only system that Zetetic is shutting down. Our other solutions, including SQLCipher, STRIP, and our Identity and Access Management services are unaffected. Despite Tempo’s lack of growth, Zetetic is still doing very well as a company, continuing to grow, and approaching our 10th year in business.

Finally, we want to say thank you to all of our Tempo users for providing feedback along the way, and helping to spread the word. We really appreciate you as customers and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this difficult decision may cause. If there is anything we can do to help make the transition easier please don’t hesitate to let us know. <

SQLCipher for Cordova

2015-03-30 08:00:00 -0400

Cordova Image

We are happy to announce the availability of commercial licenses to SQLCipher for Cordova. Cordova allows a developer to quickly develop mobile applications using JavaScript and now secure database storage via SQLCipher is available as a commercially supported platform. SQLCipher for Cordova provides support for integrating a SQLCipher database within a Cordova project running on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. All interactions will the database are perform through a simple JavaScript API. Now available for purchase or as a trial.

SQLCipher 3.3.0 Release

2015-03-26 08:00:00 -0400

We are happy to announce the availability of SQLCipher 3.3.0. This release is based on the upstream SQLite release which included many beneficial updates including a general performance increase of over 20% for the same number of CPU cycles from the previous release. Specifics for the SQLite release are covered here.

Directly within SQLCipher we have included a few additional items as well. First, we introduced a new PRAGMA, cipher_default_page_size, a mechanism which facilitates setting a non-default page size value to be used when attaching databases. Next we have added API hooks to support FIPS integration within the OpenSSL crypto provider. SQLCipher for Android has also been updated with community edition binaries available here. Binaries that ship with support for OpenSSL have been upgraded to the latest 1.0.2a release. Commercial binary updates to be available soon.

On App Store Pricing

2015-03-03 08:45:00 -0500

At the Daring Fireball blog John Gruber notes that he and his co-conspirators at Q Branch have increased the price of their excellent note-taking app Vesper:1

Put another way, we’re going to charge something sane or die trying. We tried following the iOS App Store trend by pricing Vesper at just $2.99 for months. It didn’t work. Prices like that are not sane, and not sustainable, at least for well-crafted productivity apps. So Q Branch is drawing a line in the sand, and we hope other iOS developers will follow.

We’re doing the same for our password manager app, STRIP. For a long time we’ve charged pretty low prices for both STRIP for iPhone (and for iPad), and STRIP for Mac: $4.99 and $9.99, respectively. The Android and Windows versions, same deal. Prices this low are not sustainable when we’re doing steady, iterative design and development while maintaining the apps and adapting them to major new hardware and operating system changes.

With the release of the 2.5 series of STRIP for Windows and OS X we’ve increased our prices. STRIP is now $9.99 on Android and iOS, $19.99 on OS X and Windows. The desktop releases are now available as 14-day free trials, which should help people get a feel for the software before deciding whether to make a purchase.

If you’ve purchased STRIP, thank you for supporting our work, it means so much to us!

1. I’ve always wanted Codebook to be more like Vesper, having based it on John’s writing on “The Untitled Note Problem,” and I love the design decisions that they’ve made.

I recently had the opportunity to bend the ear of Brent Simmons, one of the Q branch team making Vesper, during the CocoaLove2 conference in Philadelphia last October. I couldn’t help pitching SQLCipher as a datastore for Vesper. He listened thoughtfully and it was great having the chance to talk. Following the writing of these folks over the last few years has been really educational for me as a software developer and designer.

2. Yes, a footnote for a footnote! CocoaLove was fantastic. I highly recommend it. Check out the talks by William Van Hecke and Laura Savino to see what I mean.

STRIP for OS X 2.5.0 Release

2015-03-03 08:30:00 -0500

STRIP for OS X 2.5 Auto Suggest feature

STRIP for OS X 2.5.0 was released about 12 days ago, just wanted to make a note here for any who hadn’t seen the post in our discussion forum. For Mac App Store customers, the update should be available soon, the app is currently under review. This may be the nicest release of this version yet, with a lot of bug fixes, an improved login experience, window handling, and auto-suggest for frequently used values.