SQLCipher 4.4.1 Release

2020-11-06 07:00:00 -0500

We are pleased to announce that SQLCipher 4.4.1 is now available. It includes the following important changes:

SQLCipher Core

  • Updates baseline to upstream SQLite 3.33.0
  • Fixes double-free bug in cipher_default_plaintext_header_size
  • Changes SQLCipher tests to use suite runner
  • Improvement to cipher_integrity_check tests to minimize false negatives
  • Deprecates PRAGMA cipher_store_pass

SQLCipher Commercial and Enterprise

A new benchmarking and performance test extension provides a way to perform comparative analysis between different encryption settings, application releases, SQLCipher versions, database designs, and queries. This new feature will prove useful to developers interested in optimizing their applications when using SQLCipher.

We are pleased to add official Linux native and .NET packages for the latest version of SQLCipher. These new packages contain full support for SQLCipher Commercial and Enterprise edition extensions like Value Level Encryption, Encrypted Virtual Tables, Performance Counters, and the new benchmarking feature.

SQLCipher’s cross-platform .NET based packages for Windows, macOS, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Linux have now been updated to support the latest Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Sqlite.Core 3 and Microsoft.Data.Sqlite.Core 3. The new minimum supported framework version for these SQLCipher packages is .NET Standard 2.x. Note that SQLCipher is now using SQLitePCLRaw 2.x. On UWP platforms, applications may need to call sqlite3_win32_set_directory() explicitly using this version.

The SQLCipher for ADO.NET compatibility package for System.Data.Sqlite on Windows now requires .NET Framework 4.6 or higher.

SQLCipher for Windows Enterprise packages using a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module have been updated to depend on Visual C++ 2015 redistributable runtime files. Customers using Zetetic’s special FIPS packages and upgrading to the new version must ensure installation of the proper runtime components alongside SQLCipher.


Commercial and Enterprise - On-demand access to new releases of SQLCipher packages are available to all licensees with an active support subscription from the Customer Downloads fulfillment site. Licensees will also receive a separate email notification regarding the update and can contact us at any time for private support directly from the SQLCipher development team.

Community Edition - SQLCipher 4.4.1 in source format is directly available on GitHub. The Community Edition of SQLCipher for Android is available via AAR packaging. The Community Edition of SQLCipher for iOS can be compiled from source or using CocoaPods.