Codebook Search Scopes

2018-04-24 11:00:00 -0400

The recent releases of Codebook for Windows and Codebook for macOS include a new search scope feature. Previously, searching within Codebook compared the search value against Entry names and Field values, which works great if you’re quickly trying to locate a record or specific data (i.e. Amazon, Chase Visa, records with a specific email address etc.).

We’ve run into situations ourselves and had users ask about searching over specific Label names as well (i.e. any record that has a “Password” label, or “Email” label). Some common usage scenarios we’ve come across related to this are:

  1. Your bank issues you a new card and you need to replace all records that contain the old credit card number (Search over “Credit Card” Label).
  2. You’re searching for data that you may not know the value of but you know the label name for (i.e. SSN, Bank Account #, License keys, Secret Question)

Codebook Search Scope from Zetetic on Vimeo.

The search scope feature also allows you to search over just Entry names or Field values (without having to search over both). For example, maybe you have an Entry named “Mike Gmail Account”, but you have many other entries that have email field values that contain your email address “”, if you search for “mike” it will return every single entry that contains your email, along with the actual one you’re searching for “Mike Gmail Account”. But if you only check “Entries” under search scope, it will only search for entries that contain “mike” in the entry name.