What's Up with Tempo

2011-06-01 20:00:00 -0400

Last week we experienced some problems with Tempo that were a bit of a nuisance for some of our customers. We needed to switch to a new charting library as the old one wasn’t holding up, but we ran into some issues with the first launch of those update. Our apologies that we didn’t catch them before making those updates live! We worked quickly to have it resolved by the next day, and things have been peachy since. If you happen to have a lot of people and/or projects in your Tempo account, you’ll notice the charts are quite a bit more useful now than they have been. If you run into any issues with the charts, please let us know.

There’s another update coming this Monday night to help out accounts that have a lot of projects and users, each page now has a search field allowing you to quickly pull up who or what you’re looking for. We’re currently working on more ideas for making Tempo more efficient and easy to use, and we’d love your feedback. Feel free to drop us a note in the comments here or get in touch via email.

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