Some Updates to Tempo 10/2010

2010-10-06 20:00:00 -0400

Last night we pushed some minor updates to Tempo, and I want to take a quick moment here to tell you what they were.

Excel XLS Exports (and new listing)

Tempo Exports List

We’ve been fielding the UTF-8/Excel complaint about our CSV exports for a loooong time, and now the nightmare is over. We’ve implemented a new conversion filter that dumps the current report into a native .xls Excel spreadsheet. We also re-labeled the exports to make it a bit easier to find the one you want.

The UTF-8 problem was never an issue with our CSV exports, by the way. Microsoft Excel has always had a bug importing CSV files (one they will apparently never, ever fix), and it treats the characters in your file as ASCII data no matter what. So it goes. Now you’ve got the good stuff.

Bug fixed: Bad Figures in Exports!

At some point we added pagination to our reports’ data sets. This caused a bug in our Time by People and Time by Projects reports. The Total row in each was correct, but the reported hours for each project or person was incorrect in some cases — limited to the total for the currently paginated set. All fixed now, our apologies.

Improved Print Preview

Temo Update Preview

The print preview on the Reports screen was getting a little bit heinous, this should improve things for the time being.

Invoice Memo

When our billing system bills tempo accounts, it sends a receipt, or invoice, by email to the account owner documenting the charges. One of our German companies recently asked if they could include custom information on this document in order to be “in compliance with German law.” We have no idea what it takes to be in compliance with German law, but we did provide a way for them to do it in this release.

If you are logged in as the account owner, or an account manager, go to the Account screen and you’ll see a new field, Invoice Memo, in which you can put anything you like and it will appear under Memo: on your billing receipt.

That’s it for this round of minor adjustments. More are planned for the near future, based on our customers’ feedback, bug reports, and our desire to make Tempo easier to use and more intuitive. As always, if you have ideas, complaints, or suggestions, get in touch

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