Tempo: Spit and Polish, and the Future

2009-09-02 20:00:00 -0400

We’ve been working pretty hard on Tempo since we released the new design this Summer, fixing bugs, refining the interfaces, and making those subtle tweaks that can really make a difference with a piece of software that we use frequently while we work. With that in mind, we’ve got another maintenance update out that should provide some requested changes and fix yet more “things” that needed fixing.

Here’s the full list of what’s changed, then I’ll go into what we’ve got coming down the pipe:

Stat Chart

  • New user utilization chart on Time screen, click the spark-line to activate!
  • Modal charts return! Click stats metrics and spark-line on Reports screen to activate
  • Modal edit of time entry view was a little mussed in IE7
  • After entry edit, form fields were not clearing
  • After entry add, edit, start, stop, etc causes stats on screen to update for accuracy
  • API: setting exclude-tags param in reports search was ignored, now handled like tags
  • Saved Reports with specific end dates were skewed by a time zone / serialization issue
  • Future dates on reports were being improperly set to ‘today’
  • Last active project cannot be archived or deleted (causes mad bugz, interim fix)
  • Batch tag add and remove with no managed entries resulted in an error
  • Saved reports with exclude tags were broken
  • Hide tag auto-suggest when user hits space bar (a relieving fix)
  • Expanded command line entry form
  • Busted link to Mac OS X Dashboard widget

Coming Soon

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on another major update for Tempo that should dramatically improve our ability to set up teams and collaborate. The current system can be a little bit confusing for first-time users who are looking to set up a Tempo account for their organization and invite their teammates. In the future, the setup process will distinguish between an Account, and a User. An Account will have a distinct name, e.g. Conglomo, and a subdomain for accessing the account (e.g. conglomo.keeptempo.com). Billing functions will move to the account and users will be set up directly under the account by the account owner or any users assigned as managers.

Once we’ve got that in place, we plan on putting together an iPhone application (we’ve got some experience doing that now), making some much-needed improvements to our API, and getting to work on some of the integrations people have been asking for.

Oh, we’re cooking up a Gadget for the Windows Sidebar, too!

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