IE users on Tempo have been dropping off

2009-07-15 20:00:00 -0400

Like most web programmers out there, we’ve wasted spent some “kwality” time trying to get our page layouts for Tempo to work and look good in Internet Explorer 7 (we don’t support IE6). The advent of IE8 has made this a bit easier by providing a compatibility mode for going back and forth, helping us to identify needed fixes for our ie7.css file.

As we delayed another over-due set of updates in order to fix some IE issues, I started to wonder what percentage of our users actually use IE, and if that percentage justifies spending all this time. According to Google Analytics, only 10.25% of our visitors (which is a larger group than our active subscribers) in the last two months were using some form of Internet Explorer.

Tempo Analytics Browser S

Ten-odd percent of our users certainly warrants us taking the time, but it’s still a surprising metric. Furthermore, it’s down 1% from July of 2008 when IE clocked in at 11.28% of our users, despite the fact that our traffic and active users have climbed substantially from that period. I’m not sure if this indicates a preference on the part of our customers and our would-be customers, or if it means we haven’t provided IE users with the kind of interface they really want.

That said, we’ve been hard at work on a number of adjustments to Tempo’s interface to tidy things up, and many of these adjustments specifically address some display issues in IE7. We’re working on it, dear customers!

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