Tempo Issues, Tuesday Dec 1st

2009-11-30 19:00:00 -0500

Tempo was down this afternoon shortly after 4pm EST due to a nasty memory issue. It’s fixed for now and the service is back up, running nice and snappy, but we still need to implement a permanent fix. Keeping the service available to our customers at all times is exactly the point of web-based software, and we’re committed to providing you the best product possible.

We’ve been running on Nginx-Passenger for a few months now, and been trying to fend off a memory leak that just keeps coming back, and when we don’t catch it in time, like today, it can turn into a big mess. We are dropping pretty much everything to make sure we don’t end up in this position again. We will post an update here once we’re confident that we have a permanent solution in place.

Thanks for your patience, and our apologies if you were unable to access Tempo when you needed it this afternoon.

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