New Mobile Features & Pricing for Tempo

2008-04-07 20:00:00 -0400

Since we launched Tempo a few weeks ago we’ve been hard at work adding new features to provide some of the mobile access we were looking for here at Zetetic.

The easiest to tackle was a mobile web interface for phones with data plans and iphones and such to have a quick and easy way to enter time. The screenshots in the tour give you a quick idea — it’s a miniature interface for logging your time on the go.

We also added a capability that allows you to record your hours by sending a simple e-mail. On every Tempo user’s account there is now an additional field called ‘alias’ that we set to something fairly random, but which you can change. Here’s how it works:

Let’s pretend my alias is super20x6. I could send the following e-mail to and it would get added to my time entries:

1.5 updated pl/sql stored procedure @bigco @oracle @plsql @development

This will create a new entry for one and a half hours, description ‘updated pl/sql stored procedure’, it will associate with my project BigCo, and it will be tagged with oracle, plsql, and development.

To find out more about how this capability works, skip on over to the new Mobile section in our FAQ.

Finally, we’ve made some adjustments to our pricing structure for premium plans. The big change is that all premium plans now provide unlimited projects (they still start at only $5 / month).

We’re definitely interested in hearing your thoughts on the new features and pricing. Leave comments here or email us at

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