New mobile PingMe features

2007-08-26 20:00:00 -0400

We’ve been hard at work on PingMe over
the past few weeks. Here are a few improvements to the way you can create Pings remotely from your mobile devices.

Create Pings with Email Subject

Hardcore Blackberry and Email wizards everywhere often type quick notes directly in the subject line of a message. It saves keystrokes and lets you easily find messages by subject in your message list view. Now you can use this messaging style to create Pings by placing the entire create message in the subject and leaving the body part empty.

New Flags for Remote Pings

We’ve added some new flags that let you specify confirmation mode and set tags when creating a Ping by e-mail or from your Phone:

  1. Specifying c:y or c:yes after your message will require confirmation on a Ping
  2. Tag your mobile Pings using the z: flag, followed by a list of tags, separated by spaces, commas, or both

Here’s an example that would create a tagged ping that requires confirmation:

1d h5p Call Dunder-Miflin, close paper deal c:y z: followup calls sales

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