Codebook's Anonymous Statistics Reporting

Among the new features in Codebook 3 is an option to enable anonymous statistics collection, which will help us to learn more about how Codebook is being used and improve the app. It's an opt-in feature, and you can disable it within the app's Settings at any time.

We Do Not Collect:

  • Any personally identifying data
  • Any of the data you store in Codebook
  • Any data that could help an attacker decrypt data stored in Codebook

What We Do Collect:

  • A unique GUID, SHA-1 hashed, generated to identify an instance of Codebook (not you) for stats collection
  • Events pertaining to use of the app (e.g. delete category, sync with Dropbox, reset password, enable Touch ID)
  • Information about errors and crashes (without any user data)

Preventing Profiling

Codebook does not send stats in real-time as you use the app. Instead it maintains a queue of events that it flushes at randomized intervals.


Codebook will not attempt to send stats while there is no secure network connection. Statistics are only transmitted securely over HTTPS, with a pinned certificate, to help prevent another host from posing as our statistics service.


By enabling statistics collection in Codebook you agree to allow Codebook to collect statistics, and Zetetic to aggregate, report on, and persist information related to the usage of Codebook, subject to Zetetic's Privacy Policy.