SQLCipher 4.2.0 Release

2019-05-31 08:00:00 -0400

SQLCipher 4.2.0, which includes the following important changes, is now available:

SQLCipher Core

  • Adds a new PRAGMA cipher_integrity_check which performs an independent verification of page HMACs
  • Updates SQLite baseline to upstream SQLite 3.28.0
  • Improves PRAGMA cipher_migrate to handle keys containing non-terminating zero bytes


Commercial Edition - On-demand access to new releases of SQLCipher Commercial Edition are available to licensees with an active CipherCare subscriber subscription, along with private, prioritized support directly from Zetetic. CipherCare subscribers will receive a separate email notification regarding the update and can contact us to request the latest SQLCipher distribution and applicable software license codes.

SQLCipher Enterprise Program - Enterprise Program Subscription customers will receive a separate email notification about the release, and the latest SQLCipher packages and license codes will be provided directly via your organization’s private online software delivery share.

Community Edition - SQLCipher 4.2.0 in source format is directly available on GitHub. The Community Edition of SQLCipher for Android (4.2.0) is available via AAR packaging. The Community Edition of SQLCipher for iOS can be compiled from source or using CocoaPods.