Updated Icons for Codebook

2017-12-20 07:00:00 -0500

We’ve got some exciting news for customers of our password manager Codebook, just in time for the end-of-year holidays: a complete redesign of the app’s embedded database icons along with fifty new ones, expanding the set to 200! They are available now on all four platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

To get it done we worked with Icon Factory, whose work you may have seen around, and they really delivered on both the style updates and the new additions to the set. This is a big deal for us as it’s not something we can do often, and these icons tend to make up quite a bit of the interface of Codebook once it’s been populated with records.

For the new icons we drew in part from the many requests we’ve received over the last few years directly through our support mail account and in response to requests for comment on our discussion forum. We really appreciated all that input and welcome more, so if we’re missing something you’d like to see added, let us know, we do keep a list.

For the new style we wanted to go with a more business-friendly look that maintained the charisma and humor of the current set, with more depth and details to take advantage of today’s high-resolution displays. We hope you’ll agree that the result is impressive:

Before After Before After
Icon chalkboard before Chalkboard After Clouddrive Before Clouddrive After
Factory Before Factory After Computer Linuxtux Before Computer Linuxtux After
Wifirouter Before Wifirouter After Creditcard Visa Before Creditcard Visa After
Moneybag Before Moneybag After Youngwomen Before Youngwomen After
DeliveryTruck Before DeliveryTruck After SocialSecurity Before SocialSecurity After

All the existing icons got updated to the new style should be recognizable, but we did repurpose one of the–three!–phone-related icons to something for the shortwave or radio enthusiast:

Before After
Smartphone Before Smartphone After
Telephone Before Telephone After
Phone Before Phone After

As to the new icons, here’s a pseudo-random sampling:

Programming CI / Dev Ops Security Certificate GPG / Keypair
ComputerCode ComputerJenkins ComputerSeccert ComputerGPG
Amazon Home Security TOR Payroll
AmazonShopping HomeSecurity ComputerTor BuisnessPayroll
Rail Transit Card Outdoor Sports Healthcare.gov
TransitRail TransitCard SportsOutdoors Medical hcdg

It was a pleasure to work with Icon Factory on this project, many thanks to them for a job well done. Enjoy the new icons, and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Zetetic! 🎄