SQLCipher 3.3.0 Release

2015-03-26 08:00:00 -0400

We are happy to announce the availability of SQLCipher 3.3.0. This release is based on the upstream SQLite release which included many beneficial updates including a general performance increase of over 20% for the same number of CPU cycles from the previous release. Specifics for the SQLite release are covered here.

Directly within SQLCipher we have included a few additional items as well. First, we introduced a new PRAGMA, cipher_default_page_size, a mechanism which facilitates setting a non-default page size value to be used when attaching databases. Next we have added API hooks to support FIPS integration within the OpenSSL crypto provider. SQLCipher for Android has also been updated with community edition binaries available here. Binaries that ship with support for OpenSSL have been upgraded to the latest 1.0.2a release. Commercial binary updates to be available soon.

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