STRIP 2.3.0 Released with Time-based One Time Passwords

2014-05-20 12:00:00 -0400

This morning we're excited to introduce the next revision to STRIP with a great new feature: Time-Based One Time Password (OATH TOTP) fields that generate one-time access codes for Google, Dropbox, AWS, Microsoft and other services that use compatible 2-step authentication. Available now for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows, just save a TOTP key from your service provider in a TOTP field after you update STRIP and you'll begin seeing access codes and a count-down timer.


Instructions for upgrading STRIP on all platforms are available here. If you're new to STRIP and you'd like to pick up a copy, head on over to

Clipboard Timer for Android and iOS

Hot on the heels of our introduction of a preference to erase values copied to the clipboard after two minutes in STRIP 2.2 for OS X and Windows is a clipboard timer for Android and iOS, along with a matching preference to enable and disable the feature. Once you've exited STRIP the timer fires, clearing any data saved to the clipboard after two minutes.


STRIP for Android:

  • Adds TOTP support
  • Adds timer for clearing clipboard after two minutes
  • Fixes entry editor scrolling on KitKat

STRIP for iOS:

  • Adds TOTP support
  • Adds timer for clearing clipboard after two minutes


  • Adds TOTP support
  • Restores support for OS X Mountain Lion (by popular demand!)

STRIP for Windows:

  • Adds TOTP support
  • Disable sync menu when in edit mode
  • Add 4 and 8 hour autolock timeout periods within preferences
  • New toolbar/menu icons
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