STRIP for OS X 2.2.0 Released

2014-03-31 11:55:49 -0400

Today we released STRIP for OS X 2.2.0, a major improvement over 2.1.0 in terms of stability, resource utilization and convenience. If you take a look at the image above you'll see some new additions to the interface—toolbar buttons! The icons for these were lovingly designed by Jory Raphael at, and we'll be seeing more artwork from Jory in STRIP soon.

OS X 10.9 Mavericks Required

This version of STRIP requires a minimum OS X version of 10.9 Mavericks, do not install it without first upgrading OS X. STRIP for OS X 2.2.0 is sync-compatible with the previous version 2.1.0 allowing some time to upgrade, but with all the fixes in this update we're hoping you'll make the leap with us sooner than later.


Download STRIP for OS X from the Mac App Store. If you purchased the independent build of STRIP for OS X from Zetetic, simply launch the app and select "Check for Updates" from the STRIP menu in the menu bar if you are not prompted to update.

What's New

Toolbar: We probably should have added these buttons a lot sooner, but hopefully this is a reasonable initial set with obvious functionality. One of the buttons however, with the flashlight icon, does something new. This button (and the associated keyboard combo shift+command+M) allows you to quickly show and hide all masked fields on the entry view and we find ourselves using this all the time now.

Entry view: There's so much we have planned here but for now a minor update to the display of field labels and values along with a slew of fixes for the actions presented in the context menu when you right-click on a field (in view and edit modes).

Import: If you've ever tried to import a lot of records into STRIP for OS X via CSV (like say 500), it was very slow, consumed a ton of memory and was prone to crashing. All fixed up! Although, there is a hard limit of 998 records in one import at the moment. We'll be looking to fix that in future updates.

Memory use: Such memory leaks, many fixes. We'll be paying a lot more attention to this from here on out, making heavy use of profiling tools to manage resource utilization and ensure STRIP is a good citizen on the OS.

Sync: Some bug fixes here as well, along with a fully functional Cancel button. Sometimes there are errors on sync or the network connection is interrupted—you need to be able to cancel the operation and STRIP should handle errors gracefully.

Guts: We found some ugly bugs in how STRIP handled data persistence and put a lot of effort into fixing that up. We're constantly trying to improve and here's one area where we couldn't ignore code written three years ago. There will be no bit-rot in STRIP!

As always, if you have any questions or issues please contact us at If you like this update to STRIP and want to see more please consider leaving a rating or a review in the Mac App Store, tell us what you'd like to see next.


  • Adds new timer to erase field values copied to clipboard after 2 minutes
  • Now uses internal, private pasteboard for copying category and entry records
  • Adds preference to sort labels alphabetically (defaults to enabled)
  • Adds new toolbar buttons
  • Adds Start Sync button to toolbar
  • Adds Password Generator button to toolbar
  • Restores global availability of Password Generator (shift+command+P)
  • Adds new show/hide all masked fields feature to toolbar and View menu (shift+command+M)
  • Adds right-click and keyboard command to launch selected field (command+return)
  • Adds shift+command+J for masking and revealing the selected field
  • Adds 4 and 8 hour intervals to preferences for Auto-lock
  • Includes minor improvements to entry view display
  • Fixes crash during import
  • Fixes poor/slow performance during import
  • Fixes memory leaks during import
  • Fixes memory leaks in main window interface
  • Fixes Auto-lock engaging during import for lengthy imports and shorter lock intervals
  • Fixes sync failure regression on passwords with a single-quote character
  • Fixes window restore location after Auto-lock
  • Fixes preventing access to Preferences window while locked
  • Fixes right-click commands on fields improperly mapped to selected row instead of click target
  • Fixes sorting of new and edited category and entry records to maintain alphabetic sort
  • Fixes any missing or duplicate replica IDs on sync
  • Fixes dysfunctional cancel button on sync progress sheet
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