STRIP for iPhone and iPad 2.2.2 Released

2014-03-31 12:27:49 -0400

We released a point update for STRIP for iPhone and STRIP for iPad today alongside today's update to STRIP for OS X. The new versions contain various bug fixes and a handy new improvement: a cancel button on the Sync view. STRIP for iPhone and STRIP for iPad are available now in the iTunes App Store (if you don't see 2.2.2 yet try again in a few minutes, the App Store doesn't always get the update out quickly after we Release.)


  • New Button to Cancel sync in progress
  • Fixes direct IP / Hostname view for WiFi Sync
  • Fixes masking switch on Note labels
  • Fixes login interface on device rotation
  • Fixes crash on resume when menu showing on iPad

If you're enjoying the changes we've been making or if you'd like to see more, please consider reviewing STRIP in the iTunes App Store and letting us know. If you have any issues whatsoever or if you'd prefer to get in touch with us directly please write us at Thanks!

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