Announcing SQLCipher support in SQLiteManager

2014-09-10 08:00:00 -0400

Many users interact with SQLCipher encrypted databases outside of application code for testing, database development, or troubleshooting. Yet until recently, we’ve only been able to recommend the use of the SQLCipher’s command line shell that is included in many of the SQLCipher Commercial Edition packages, or compiled under Community Edition distributions.

While powerful, many would prefer the experience of a native, graphical, desktop application instead of a command line shell tool, and we frequently receive inquiries about GUI tools that support SQLCipher.

For this reason, we are now very happy to announce that SQLiteManager, a popular and feature-rich database management studio from SQLabs, has released version 4.3.3 that adds native support for SQLCipher encrypted databases.

SQLiteManager for SQLCipher

SQLiteManager provides a suite of advanced features for SQLCipher database management, including:

  1. Query execution
  2. Inline editing with syntax highlighting
  3. Table / schema editing
  4. Graphs and Charting
  5. Data import/export functions
  6. Support for both Windows and OS X.

If you need a user friendly and graphical interface for SQLCipher, please check out SQLiteManager today. Best of all, when you purchase SQLiteManager using the button below, you will help support the ongoing development of the SQLCipher project!

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