iOS 7 Compatibility Issue: Keyboard Switch and Password Masking

2013-09-22 13:10:13 -0400

We've become aware of a compatibility issue with STRIP running on iOS 7 that is affecting users who switch between the numeric and text keyboards during login. The problem occurs when toggling between the "abc" and "123" modes while the Mask on. When switching between keyboard modes with the application switch, the contents of the password entry box is cleared. If you don't realize that the password box has been cleared, this have the appearance of being unable to log in following on iOS 7.

For example, with a mixed password of "6789abcd", one might start off in the numeric entry mode to enter the first part of the password. However, under iOS 7, if one were to tap the "abc" toggle to switch into the standard keyboard mode to enter the remainder of the password, the contents of the password field would be cleared, removing the 6789 from the password text field. A user who didn't notice this could continue entering text, but only "abcd" would be passed into STRIP, resulting in an incorrect password error.

The good news is that there are two simple workarounds for this issue that will allow you to log into STRIP:

  1. Our recommended approach is to use only the "abc" mode to log in for the time being. To do this, switch the mode to "abc", then tap the "123" button in the bottom left corner of the iOS keyboard to bring up the numeric keyboard. The numbers will be arranged across the top of the keyboard. Enter any digits, then tap the "ABC" button on the bottom left of the keyboard to toggle back to text.
  2. If you are in a secure location where other people can't observe your screen, toggle the "Keep password hidden" switch to "off". While the Mask switch is off the keyboard toggle will operate normally.

We are treating this as a high priority issue and will make sure there is a fix for this issue in the next release of STRIP. Please contact us at if you have any questions or other issues.



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