SQLCipher for Android - Urgent Upgrade Required

2013-07-10 17:27:59 -0400

The latest release of SQLCipher for Android includes a high-priority fix to address a compatibility issue with an upcoming Android OS release. When the new Android version is released, most likely later this year, applications using older SQLCipher for Android versions may crash on first use of the library.

We have been working closely with Google to address the problem, which stems from changes to android::MemoryBase, a wrapper around the Android shared memory functions previously used in the native CursorWindow implementation. The new version of SQLCipher for Android eliminates the use of android::MemoryBase in CursorWindow in favor of allocated heap memory.

Google has confirmed that the latest version of SQLCipher for Android addresses the compatibility issue with the new Android OS version.

Since applications that continue to access the legacy shared memory function will break at some point in the future, Google has recently introduced a warning trigger on API usage in a recent AOSP commit [1].

As a result of this upcoming change, we strongly urge all developers using SQLCipher for Android to upgrade to the newest version. We do not have a specific release date from Google, so it’s important that applications update as soon as reasonably possible.

The latest SQLCipher for Android binaries can be found here [2].


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