STRIP 2 for OS X Release Candidate

2013-04-08 10:57:08 -0400

Update: STRIP 2.0.0 for OS X has been released. Upgrade instructions can be found here.

We've been posting the last few beta update notices for the STRIP 2 for OS X beta here so we have a handy place to refer to the update. If you're not part of the beta test, please ignore this post. If you would like to help us beta test in the future, please write us at We don't have any open slots at the moment, but we always need new folks to help and will gladly add you to the list!

This should be the final test version of STRIP 2 for OS X, barring any show-stoppers, so please give it a good shake. The version number is 1.3.0b6, it's the third and hopefully final release candidate we've done (I know, we've been testing for a long time).

Some re-arrangement has happened with the Sync menu, Preferences, and there's a secret new sync feature we're looking forward to announcing on release day. We're going to submit this one to the Mac App Store for review soon, so we might be able to do the official release in a month (our review times for STRIP for OS X have been over 30 days in the past so we'll have to see). If you see anything askew, please write us at 

One more thing—we've been going through the apps and correcting use of "Strip" to the capitalized STRIP, including dialogs, the application name itself, etc. If you see any that we missed, please let us know.

Updated versions of STRIP for iPhone and STRIP for iPad are on the way to beta testers registered with our TestFlight service, please check your email or get in touch with us if you didn't get the notice.

Thanks everyone for all your help, we're really excited about this release!

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