STRIP Holiday Sale - 40% Off Until New Year's Day 2014

2013-12-20 18:12:59 -0500

Since a lot of our customers are buying new devices this time of year and inquiring about discounts for STRIP (as well as being kind enough to tell their friends about our password manager), we figured it's time to do a sale. Starting this evening until New Year's Day 2014, all versions of STRIP are on sale at 40% discount. That's Windows, OS X, Android, iPhone and iPad. That's a big discount!

Android and iOS

Just visit the store links, you'll see STRIP for Android, iPhone and iPad are all available now for only $2.99:

Windows and OS X

STRIP for Windows and STRIP for OS X can be purchased at 40% off ($6! A bowl of delicious Pho!) using the coupon code STRIPHOLIDAY2013. Visit the links below to purchase either app with the discount applied:

Sorry, this discount is no longer available.

STRIP for OS X is also available in the Mac App Store at 40% off.

Pass It On!

Have a colleague, friend or family member using the same password for everything? Someone who wants a rock-solid password manager that's tried and true? Please forward this discount to whomever you like, it's good until New Year's Day.

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