SQLCipher available on Homebrew

2013-01-21 11:30:07 -0500

Many of us here at Zetetic use Homebrew, a command-line tool used to build and manage various software packages on OS X. Currently there are over 2200 recipes available to be installed via Homebrew. While building SQLCipher is not difficult, installing from Homebrew is just as easy and also affords you the ability to easily upgrade your installations as updates are released, all managed within a central location. We have submitted a recipe for SQLCipher that is now available to the masses. If you already have Homebrew installed, you will want to update your current list of recipes:

brew update

To install our current release, simply run:

brew install sqlcipher

If you wish to run the bleeding edge of SQLCipher, you can request the install perform a build from our master branch:

brew install sqlcipher --HEAD

This will install what is called a keg-only package of SQLCipher to minimize conflicts with other dependencies on SQLite due to the shared binary name. In order to make SQLCipher available on your PATH you can run:

brew link sqlcipher --force

Happy brewing!

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