STRIP for OS X 1.2.6 Update Released

2012-09-17 12:31:09 -0400

STRIP for OS X has been updated, version 1.2.6 was released last week, and since then we've been catching up on some support mail. It features a few minor convenience improvements, based on our customers' feedback and suggestions:

  • Verify that Dropbox folder selection is the Dropbox path and not Dropbox/Zetetic 
  • Preferences window now has a Reset button for the backups directory path
  • Preferences now has a switch for disabling creation of a backup on every sync
  • Dropbox folder selection now displayed in Preferences along with chooser button

Known Issues:

Upgrading from Strip Sync

There does seem to have been a bug introduced by our adoption of sandboxing a few months back for the Mac App Store as required by Apple. On first-time setup, Strip for OS X checks for the old Strip Sync database and offers to migrate your data—currently this check occurs inside of the Sanbox, so the old data is never detected. There are several ways to work around this, the easiest being an Overwrite from Strip for iOS, but we advise any new users to get in touch with us.

Double windows on setup

On OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion, the system takes note of any windows open when you close an app and attempts to automatically restore them. When you start up Strip for OS X the first-time, and quit without setting the program up, and you relaunch the app later, you'll see two windows appear, a setup window and login window. You'll want to quit the plain login window and proceed with the setup window. We should have a fix for this out as soon as we can get it reviewed by Apple (note: version 1.2.6 had to wait 30 days before going into review, so it can be a bit). If you are experience this problem or related issues, please contact us.

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