SQLCipher Core/Android 2.0.5 Released

2012-05-24 17:51:26 -0400

We released version 2.0.5 of SQLCipher Core and SQLCipher for Android. This release builds on the many new changes we introduced in SQLCipher 2.0. Source for SQLCipher Core can be found here. SQLCipher for Android is available as a binary package here and in source format here. Here are some of the changes/additions highlighted in this release:

SQLCipher Core:

  • Based on SQLite
  • Add PRAGMA cipher_version to identify the SQLCipher version
  • Improved reporting of HMAC validation failure
  • Enable secure delete (wipes deleted page contents)
  • Detect and report errors if cipher context becomes corrupted

SQLCipher for Android:

  • Everything listed above in SQLCipher Core
  • Add SQLiteDatabaseHook interface providing preKey/postKey hooks into SQLiteDatabase
  • Adjustment to how RO/RW databases are handled in SQLiteOpenHelper
  • Restructure package from info.guardianproject.* to net.sqlcipher.*
  • Removed the build step for OpenSSL, we dynamically link to it
  • Add SQLiteDatabase.upgradeDatabaseFormatFromVersion1To2 to automate migrations from the 1.x to 2.0 database format
  • Add overload to SQLiteDatabase.loadLibs to specify an alternative directory for unzipping the ICU dat file

Please take a look, we welcome feedback. Thanks!

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