Strip for Android Coming Soon

2012-03-01 09:36:52 -0500

One of the most frequent requests we receive for Strip is support for Android. Android is one of the largest mobile platforms next to iOS. To support this, we first needed to port SQLCipher onto the Android platform. SQLCipher is our open source extension to SQLite that allows for transparent 256-bit AES encryption of database files. We began last year working in conjunction with The Guardian Project on this process. This has required bundling a custom build of the ICU project to allow portability across Android versions 2.1 through 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich). You can read more on integrating SQLCipher for Android here. With this out of the way, we've been focusing on the application development work and are nearing completion for an initial delivery.

Unlike the iOS platform, where users upgrade to the lastest iOS release quickly, the Android platform is more fragmented due to manufacturers playing a role in the update distribution process - more about this here. That said, we have been working to target Android versions 2.1 and up for Strip on Android - targeting the majority of users. We have also tried to maintain a consistent user experience between the iOS application and Android where it makes sense. An example of where the iOS and Android platforms differ is in their drag and drop support. iOS provides a native drag and drop interaction within their UITableView, requiring you to set an editing mode and handle a few events. On Android however, support was added in 3.0 for drag and drop, prior to that you are left with the implementation details. If you want to be notified when we release Strip for Android, sign up here. We are very excited about adding support for the Android platform and hope you are as well. We will leave you with a screenshot of the upcoming Strip for Android. Thanks!

Strip for Android

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