Intro to iPad, iPhone, & iOS Application Development at Cowerks

2012-02-27 18:07:54 -0500

Bret Morgan of Cowerks, a good friend of Zetetic, is organizing a cooperative learning program in late April designed to give participants a crash course in iPad/iPhone development.

The approach is unique; instead of a traditional "teacher leads, students learn" class model, participants will work together as a cooperative development group. Following the first half of the Stanford University CS193P iPhoneApplication Development curriculum, the goal is to cover a wide range of iOS topics in just 8 weeks of sessions:

  • Walkthrough of iOS 5
  • Objective-C
  • Views
  • Autorotation, Protocols, & Gestures
  • View Controllers
  • UIToolbar and iPad Apps
  • Controller Lifecycle & Image/Scroll/WebViews
  • Table Views

With the course materials and group as a guide, attendees will work both collaboratively and on their own time to learn Objective-C and the relevant SDKs.

It's a really neat concept, so if you're in the NJ area and you've been waiting for a reason to learn iOS development, this could be a great opportunity. Classes start on April 23rd, and registration is open now with early-bird discounts at

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