Announcing SQLCipher 2.1.1

2012-12-07 13:24:49 -0500

We're pleased to announce the availablilty of SQLCipher 2.1.1. This is a significant release including the following improvements and new features:
  • New PRAGMAs to query the current values for all SQLCipher settings (for example, "PRAGMA cipher" will now return "AES-256-CBC" by default, with similar behavior for other SQLCipher PRAGMAs) 
  • Tracking of activation calls and OpenSSL initialization, automatically executing EVP_cleanup to free associated memory on behalf of applications
  • Fix for an issue where the page number was included in HMAC calculation using native byte order. SQLCipher now converts to little endian by default (for backwards compatibility on popular ARM, i386 and x86_64 platforms). This allow interoperability between big endian and little endian platforms. 
  • New PRAGMA cipher_hmac_pgno = ( be | le | native ) to set behavior for page number byte ordering, and to convert older databases on big-endian platforms
  • New PRAGMA (cipher_hmac_salt_mask) to change the value used to permute the database salt before HMAC key derivation. This facilitates databases upgrades from old SQLCipher 2.0-beta settings to the latests defaults. With this change all key derivation settings are changeable via PRAGMA!
  • Improvements to memory wiping to avoid compiler optimizations, constant time memory comparison routines, and detection of context initialization problems (i.e. out of memory errors)
  • Code refactoring to move custom PRAGMA handling out of pragma.c into crypo.c (to minimize differences with SQLite upstream releases) and fix compilation errors for non-amalgamation builds
  • Uses the latest SQLite as a baseline
Community edition users can now update to the latest SQLCipher on GitHub, and a new download of SQLCipher for Android is also available.  The SQLCipher for Android library has added support for x86 Android devices in this release.
New versions of the SQLCipher Commercial Editions for iOS, MacOS, Windows, ADO.NET, MonoTouch, and MonoDroid are already on sale in the SQLCipher Store. Note: commercial users who have purchased the binaries within the past 6 months may contact us for a complementary update.
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