Asbury Agile

2011-09-06 20:00:00 -0400

Some exciting news! Our colleague Mr. Bret Morgan, a talented developer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Cowerks and has been hard at work trying to foster a vibrant tech and developer community on the New Jersey shore, and is now working on Asbury Agile, a one-day, single-track conference in Asbury Park, NJ “for makers and doers in the web industry.”

Featuring user interface experts, tech investors, start-up captains, experienced web gurus, it’s chock full of people who know how to start a business on the web. The kind of people you want to meet: folks who have real-world experience building software platforms. We’re quite excited to hear what they have to say, so Zetetic will be attending.

We’re sponsoring the event, and we’re offering free copies of Strip for iOS and OS X to attendees, as well as 3 free months use of our time-tracking web app, Tempo. Other sponsors include Forrst and A Book Apart. Rosenfeld Media and A Book Apart will be raffling off books on the day of the conference, and offering a 20% discount on their titles at the conf.

On a personal note, I grew up in suburbs outside of the City of Asbury Park, and back then it was the only place on the shore to go to see some punk rock. My friends and I would get into trouble breaking into the old decaying amusement palaces on the boardwalk to take photographs of the Summer sun streaming through a broken roof onto indoor vegetation. The former beach resort city had been plagued since the seventies by a depressed economy and violence, but has since made a remarkable turn-around. Fifteen years later Asbury Park is in many ways unrecognizable, with a vibrant and safe downtown, a growing community of successful entrepreneurs and artists, and hip spots to grab a beer and some greasy food with good tunes on the Hi-Fi (I highly recommend Bond St. Bar). I’m very excited to see Asbury Agile happening, it would have been unthinkable when I was fifteen playing terrible punk-metal at the Stone Pony.

We hope you’ll join us, and say hello at the conference! We’d love to talk business or tech and make some new friends.

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