Strip for Windows, OS X Version 1.1

2011-07-27 20:00:00 -0400

Today we’re excited to announce the first important incremental update to our desktop applications Strip for Windows and Strip for OS X. This update brings some important new features to each and helps to bring them a little closer together in terms of feature parity.

Strip for Windows 1.1

  1. Copy and paste entries (great for templating)
  2. Integrity check to identify orphaned entries dating back to Strip for iPhone beta testing
  3. Double-click URL and email fields to launch appropriate browser or application

The copy-and-paste feature already exists in Strip for OS X. We’ll be adding it to Strip for iOS very soon.

Strip for OS X 1.1

  1. Search across all entries and fields
  2. Double-click URL and email fields to launch appropriate browser or application
  3. Clean-up of internal code to help try and resolve a crash bug
  4. New key-bindings for adding and removing fields, and CMD+F for search

The search feature already exists in Strip for Windows.

How to Update

Version 1.1 is out now on the Mac App Store and our own Windows store for Strip. Customers who already have Strip installed on their Mac can get the update through the Mac App Store. Customers with Strip installed on their Windows PC can simply run the program and it should offer to install the latest update for you automatically.

Update 7/29:

It would appear that File –> Export in Strip for OS X 1.1.0 has a bit of a bug we missed—it never actually runs, and the sheet dialog is never dismissed as a result. This is a one-liner, so we’ve already tested a fix and submitted it to Apple for review, and we’ve asked for expedited review so we can get this bug-fix out quickly. Look for 1.1.1 to appear in the Mac App Store soon.

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