Problem with Strip for OS X Preview Release

2011-06-16 20:00:00 -0400

Earlier this week we soft-launched a preview release of Strip for OS X in the Mac App Store, and we’ve just pulled it from the store because we found a serious bug that could cause data loss for our customers. Only a handful of people noticed the app and bought a copy, if you’re one of those folks, here’s what you need to know:

Editing the name or icon of a category can cause the inadvertent loss of field data attached to entries on that category. We’ve got a fix, but we’ll have to test it thoroughly and then run it through Apple’s review team. In the meantime you can avoid the problem pretty easily, just don’t use Strip for OS X to edit your categories at the moment. Our apologies if anyone got bit—so far no one’s reported any issues to us. If you did manage to get a copy of Strip for OS X before we pulled it and you’ve found any bugs or issues, please get in touch.

Everyone else waiting on Strip for OS X and Windows to be available: please sit tight, we’re almost there and we’ll announce a proper release date soon.

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